Walker Slides

Project Summary:

A start-up approached LJB wanting to provide a more exciting and functional solution for the slides used on walkers that assist patients with their mobility.  The new product concept was to provide “cute” yet functional replacement for the existing slides currently being utilized by the end user.  This included the traditional tennis ball solution as well as the purchased ski style slides.

Services Provided:

Project Challenges:

LJB needed to develop a solution that was cost effective, easy to assemble to an existing walker, was not easily damaged, and wore out at the same rate or longer than the existing product on the market.  The client wanted to offer multiple aesthetic configurations with minimal tooling investment and wanted the wear point of the component to be replaceable by the end user.

LJB’s Product Solution:

LJB brainstormed and provided a solution that simulated the traditional “tennis ball” shape but allowed the same tooling to produce various aesthetic configurations.  Our industrial design concepts for the Bingo Ball, Bumble Bee, Lady Bug, Camo, Soccer Ball, and Golf Ball were applied to a standard plastic component.  The application of these aesthetics required LJB to develop a unique process to complete the finished product that met the durability requirements established by the client.

LJB completed all the industrial/graphic design, CAD Design, prototyping, testing, component procurement, assembly, and packaging.