Smart Eco Thermostat

Project Summary:

The client provides smart thermostat solutions to the hospitality industry that helps to reduce energy costs. This product was the client’s new generation of smart thermostats that provide haptic feedback to the user as well as allow remote access to control temperatures of individual rooms. The project entailed a complete aesthetic, electrical, and mechanical overhaul to provide a better user experience and more current look and feel. The client’s onsite resources were responsible for electrical engineering support.  LJB was responsible for Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering support.

Services Provided:

LJB’s Product Solution:

LJB provided a complete mechanical design solution based on the industrial design renderings we provided and agreed upon by the client. The mechanical design solution properly packaged the required circuit board and electronic components needed for functionality and user feedback. We provided CAD models and drawings for manufacturing and supported the project from concept development through product launch.