Locking Tailgate Handle

Project Summary:

A provider of aftermarket locking solutions for pick-up truck tailgates utilized LJB to design a locking tailgate handle.  The project scope included both a mechanical and power locking option.  The replacement handle needed to look visually the same as the OEM provided handle but include a manual lock cylinder not currently offered as an OEM option.

Services Provided:

Project Challenges:

The design needed to fit in the current handle envelope and work with the complicated OEM latching mechanism as well as be able to accommodate a power add on in. The handle needed to duplicate the OEM handle a-surface with the addition of the lock. The handle and lock mechanism was required to meet a minimum of 30,000 life cycles.  The handle material was also required to be paintable.

LJB’s Product Solution:

LJB acquired, scanned, and reverse engineered the OEM non-locking handle and added a mechanical lock to work with the OEM mechanism.  Prototypes were built and evaluated on custom designed and fabricated test fixtures all completed with LJB’s internal capabilities.  A detailed DFMEA and test plan were completed prior to releasing production tooling.  LJB tested and evaluated production tooled components prior to production release.