Industrial Design

Ready to take your idea and put it to paper? LJB offers quality, innovative industrial design solutions by making strong connections between product experience, product performance, and product identity.

In order to take your hand sketch and transform it into a practical product rendering, our team utilizes creative problem solving techniques to generate multiple concepts and ensures that the end product has both visual appeal and a competitive edge.

As we often say, “industrial design makes things pretty, so that we can make it work.”

 LJB’s Industrial Design Capabilities: 

  • Creative Problem Solving & Product Design
  • Hand Sketching & Concept Generation
  • Photorealistic Concept Rendering
  • Creation of Graphics, Logos, & Posters
  • Ergonomics Studies
  • 3D Modeling

 Interested in learning more? Contact us today, or give us a call at 855-794-9946.